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Week 2: Winners

Okay, some of you may or may not know that there was an invalid vote... well, I didn't count it, but it made any difference to the result anyway.

First place


Second place
japsweetie / kiniro_ryu

Best text
karyotype / japsweetie

Runners up (in order of submission)

[name witheld]


Okay, I'll do first and second place banners, karyotype and japsweetie, do you guys want banners for best text? (I don't mind making them if you want them, I just don't want to make them if you don't want them)
Also... if anyone wants to make my banner, please feel free to, as I don't really want to make my own.
Finally, seeing as how I placed, if anyone questions the results tell me and I will unscreen the (valid) votes for you.

Congratulations to you all by the way.
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