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japan_icontest's Journal

Japan Icontest
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1. The entry must have something to do with the theme. Also it must have something to do with Japanese music, anime, manga, video games, film, etc. (Doujinshi images are allowed as long as you state that they are doujinshi. Fan art is not allowed)
2. You may enter up to 2 icons per person per theme unless stated otherwise.
3. Make sure the entry is new and original. Cross entries is NOT allowed and if I see your icon in another icontest then it will be disqualified.
4. Don't tell people which entry is yours. If you want to let people know which one you made then tell me when you submit and I'll credit you for it after the contest.
5. If you don't win and you want your identity to remain secret don't worry. I won't let people know who made the graphic unless you give me permission first.
6. Don't take anything from this community without permission. If you want to use an icon ask first.
7. Moderators and Banner Makers are allowed to enter/vote as well.
8. Don't enter a icon that can be seen as offensive/distasteful.
9. Don't vote for yourself.
10. You must be a member to enter/vote.


Please submit only to the screened submission post.
When submitting please make sure your entry looks like this:

URL: www.whatever.something/image.png
Character/Person/Thing's name: Sushi
Series/Band name: N/A
Questions/Comments: N/A

If you use any Japanese Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji in your icon please tell me what they say and, if possible, a translation.


Please vote for your first, second and third favourite icons like so:
25, 38, 11


First: 25
Second: 38
Third: 11

As long as I know which one your first, second and third choice.

You first choice will get 3 points, your second 2 points and your third 1 point.

Submission/Voting Schedule

Unless stated otherwise the the contest will run like this:
The submission period starts when the theme is announced and ends 21:00 (9PM) GMT on Friday.
The voting period starts shortly after the submission period finishes and lasts until 21:00 (9PM) GMT on Sunday.
The winners will be announced either shortly after voting finished or the next day, depending on the amount of votes recieved.
New themes will be announced by monday, but usually just before/after the voting period finishes.


Week 1: Contradiction - Winners
Week 2: Beauty - Winners
Week 3: Nightwish Lyrics - Winners
Week 4: Faceless - Winners
Week 5: Chaos - Winners
Week 6: Monochrome - Winners
Week 7: Spring Colours - Winners
Week 8: Pairs - Winners
Week 9: Demonic + Damnation and a day - Winners
Week 10: Lust - Winners
Week 11: Location - Winners
Week 12: Silence - Winners
Week 13: Borders - Winners
Week 14: Gothic - Winners
Week 15: Temples - Winners
Week 16: Food - Winners
Week 17: Happiness - Winners
Week 18: Identity - Winners
There is no Week 19.
Week 20: Love and Hate - Winners
Week 21: Back to School - Winners
Week 22: Stress - Winners
Week 23: Insanity - Winners

Extra 1: Community Icon - Winners


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Links of interest

Learn how icon makers have made the icons which have already won 1st/2nd/3rd place at an icontest.


Mods/banner makers.

kiniro_ryu (Owner, Moderator, Banner Maker)
kyoumei (Moderator, Banner Maker)
japsweetie (Banner Maker)
karyotype (Moderator, Banner Maker)
sev3n (Moderator, Banner Maker)